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My story.

Anyone else know that person who changed their major 5 times and never exactly had their future planned out? That was me. From Nashville, to Kansas City, to Mizzou, I experienced a lot of changes throughout my time in college. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but throughout the years I was in constant search for any fulfillment life has to offer and I was never satisfied. Growing up, I attended church regularly, but that was the extent of my faith. I attended. Nothing I heard on Sundays would I truly apply to my life, but rather it would lift me up for the day and make me feel like I did something good. Both aspects of my life reflected each other in the way that they were equally unstable and contradicting.

My Junior year things took a turn however when someone shared with me what it actually means to have a relationship with God and how this is the only way to have true fulfillment and purpose in life. This absolutely blew my mind. My whole life I thought that I was a Christian and that "at least I attended church more than a lot of people I knew!" I couldn’t believe that I had been searching for this contentment in which city I was living in, what friends I had, and my romantic relationship, when it was actually only to be found in Christ. I was done searching for fulfillment and for my own direction and I decided at that moment to follow God's path for my life and put Him in the driver's seat. This truly had an effect on every area of my life, along with my tendency to be constantly in search for something more.

So what does this have to do with photography? After I made the decision to put my life in God's hands, that meant no more constant stressing about my future and running after a career that would only offer money and aid my reputation. I have always loved photography and getting to be creative, but it was more of a hobby until my cousin asked if I would shoot her wedding for her. At the moment I felt extremely unqualified, but I took the opportunity and am so thankful I did because I discovered my love for photography. After that things began to fall into place. Even though starting a business in photography isn't the most "secure" path, I can now pursue it without fear because of my faith. With my passion for photography and my love for people, I want to use both of those things with the talents God gave me to glorify Him. I love getting to know couples and capturing special moments that shouldn’t be forgotten. I am so excited about the opportunities I have been given and I cannot wait to see what couples and individuals I get to know and capture next.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope to have the chance to hear yours!

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